Shifu Praveen, the 18th generation disciple of Meihua Quan and the 34th generation Shaolin Warrior Monk of Shaolin Temple, China, is the first ever South Indian to have found a place among the valiant Kung Fu practitioners.

Shifu Praveen travelled to China by 2016 and received training from Songshan Traditional Wushu Academy situated inside the holy Shaolin Temple. The ardent dream of being trained in martial arts was actively pursued from the age of 15 and that passion ignited his dream to come true at all odds.

This lead to the most exuberant mission named Dheera and Shifu Praveen being the director of the International Martial Arts Academy. IMA or International Martial Arts Academy aims at delivering extremely power packed martial artists who don self-defence as a weapon. IMA can train you with the most daunting art forms like Ji Ben Gong, Shaolin Tong Bei Quan and Wu Xing Ba Fa to name a few. In addition, the best-case scenario is that all these training jade comes under the supervision and guidance of Shifu Praveen who has proven his masterly skills and has been honoured as the director of IMHQF for UAE. 

A pioneering Shaolin warrior who has mastered a handful of martial art forms and has instilled great loads of bravado, Shifu Praveen can rejuvenate you and can assure a changeover on how you face the world and mostly on how you see yourself!

The palates of training suite that can be acquired at the most imminent perfection are as follows.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Martial arts originated from Shaolin and Shaolin Kung Fu is the best under the heaven.


Stand-Up combat that can make all hell go loose with the fists of fury.

Muay Thai

The art of eight limbs that can unleash a war with no arms or weapons.

Tai Chi

A serene way to fight stress and embrace your inner peace.

Wing Chun

A self-defence method involving quick arm movements and strong legs with graceful gestures.

Survival Combat Tactics

Ever dreamt of being Bear Grylls? You can live your dream with the world-class survival combat training with mind evolving strategies.

Meihua Quan

A rehabilitation practice that can strengthen your spine at Godspeed and rejuvenate your physical strength making you wilful for all physically straining hard-core tasks.

IMA Academy can reasonably train every aspirant to face the storm in the eye and come out of any challenging instances with flying colours.