These days, a lot of places teach Kung Fu. There are different variations of it too. Over the years, the art has changed a lot and new disciples have applied their own versions to it. But often, the true origin is very distorted. The only place in Trivandrum which teaches authentic Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu is International Martial Arts Academy, which is a collaboration with aTeamIndia and situated in Thiruvananthapuram. When people hear about Kung Fu, they think it is a way of fighting. However, it is not only limited to fighting or combat. It is more about attaining a harmonious union of both mind and body. It has different forms and styles almost all of which are taught in IMA. There are certain benefits that can only be achieved through the authentic art of Kung Fu. These are:


  • Boost Your Energy


Boosting your energy is one of the most common features seen in all authentic forms of martial arts. All kinds of Kung Fu focus on channelling the inner energy of the student. This energy is then channelled all across the body. With other kinds of activities, you tend to lose energy as you age. However, with Kung Fu, you are enabled to be active for a long time. It keeps your mind and body young and healthy.


  •  Stress Relief


There are certain forms of Kung Fu that can help you to deal with stress. These are Tai Chi and Qigong. These were conventional methods in ancient China and were used for this purpose. It is also approved by the medical community. It can also, as a result, improve the immunity system of the body, reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety etc. 


  • Increased Muscle Strength


As a result of continuous practice, Kung Fu will help you increase your muscle tone and strength. This is important to body parts like arms, legs, torso and the core. Great arm and abdominal strength are crucial to learning self-defence techniques. 


  • Improve Strength and Flexibility


Most forms of workouts only focus either in strength or on flexibility. However, Kung Fu combines both. All the kicks and punches that are part of the training will stretch your body and help it to be flexible. At IMA, there are special practices that are used to stretch certain muscles. Thus, this eases the tension that is trapped in different muscle groups. 


  • Improved Mental Focus


There are many breathing exercises and meditation practices that help people to centre their mental focus on certain thing and not wander around. This is done by relaxing the body and mind. This will also benefit lung capacity, better flow of energy and better ability to absorb oxygen.  

These are some of the values that can be imparted from an authentic study of Kung Fu. IMA provides you with this and much more. It will help you understand the value of health and peace for both body and mind. They also impart you the great ancient Chinese value. The teachers at IMA are trained disciples of Shaolin monks with years of practice. IMA is the only place where you can learn authentic Chinese martial art forms.

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