Shaolin Kung Fu is also known as Wushu or Guan. It is the oldest and most popularly used style of Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung Fu combines and derives its origin from two sources: the Ch’an philosophy and martial arts. It was developed in the Shaolin Temple in China, hence the name. This temple has mainly two legacies which have subsequently led to the evolution of this martial art in its modern form as we know now. Chan and Quan are the two legacies representing the two religions. However, in ancient Shaolin, these two legacies were not considered separate but the monks often tried to unite both of them. 

The fundamentals of Shaolin Kung Fu that we know today is based on the classification according to Quan. International Martial Arts Academy or IMA situated in Trivandrum strictly follows such a distinction and draws inspiration from this classification to train their students. These are: 

  1. Basic Skills: These include the fundamental requirements of the body like stamina, flexibility, balance etc. which enable a person to perform these manoeuvres. In authentic Shaolin Kung Fu, these skills are referred to as the childish skill and are further distinguished it into 18 postures. IMA is probably the only academy in Thiruvananthapuram that has expertise in all these postures.


  1. Power Skills: These include meditation of two types: Internal and external. Both of them have their own benefits and helps the student to channel their inner strength.


  1. Combat Skills: This is an important classification as it reflects the self-defence pieces of training that are taught nowadays. These include weaponry and weapon routines.

The program by IMA envisages bringing major benefits to their students and disciples, a great form of workout, mental health and self-defence.  Shaolin Kung Fu is now practised as a form of workout as well. If you are tired of your usual boring gym routine you can head to IMA. They help their students to strengthen both the body and the mind. Originally, it was meant to make people into great fighters but now, it is widely used to maintain fitness of the body. One will never regret learning as it is a great art form that enables one to defend themselves and others.

As it is a form of workout, it can improve your health as well. It makes the body flexible and also gets the blood circulation going. Thus, it has immense health benefits. It keeps diseases like stress, blood pressure etc. at bay. The main aim of Kung Fu has been to protect oneself. Thus, practising these will enable the students to defend themselves. It increases your focus and concentration. It can coordinate your mind to work with your body.  It also helps you to be aware of your surroundings. This helps you to be prepared in times of attack. Thus, at IMA the best and most authentic courses in Chinese martial arts can be learnt. It is a wholesome learning experience as they teach the students to attain physical and mental health.

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