Martial arts have been ruling over the world for long and have not faded a tad bit from the world. Martial arts still continue to inspire young blood and have immense persuasion power. The inner strength that a disciple acquires from the martial art form is enough to break any challenge and come back victorious with flying colours. Bereft of the willpower that you have harnessed from the rigorous training regime, small issues would have succumbed as big hurdles before... Read More

These days, 3 out of 5 people are diagnosed with conditions like depression, social anxiety etc. Sometimes it requires more than just therapy and medications. Shaolin Kung Fu is a form of therapy and not just a martial art. IMA is one of the best institutes in Trivandrum that teach many forms of Kung Fu one of which is Shaolin Kung Fu. It is the most famous and most used form of Kung Fu. The classes there on weekends are... Read More

Martial Arts is an art, but more than that, it is a tradition of combat which can be useful for many purposes like self-defence, disciplining the soul and body etc. It is often very difficult to find a certified place with experienced artists. This is where the International Martial Arts Academy (IMA) situated in Trivandrum comes in. They specialise in three kinds of combating techniques, namely: Shaolin Kung Fu, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. As an institution of international acclaim, they... Read More

The martial arts have been a tremendous trendsetter in yester years. It has induced a reign of fire in the raging hearts of youngsters. The clenched fists have paved a way to the millennial ages to train the passionate youth. The most power dripping moves have helped each and every one to adopt the daily practices onto their day to day life. The best training from International Martial Arts Academy can be achieved at ease. The discipline imparted onto your... Read More

Muay Thai is also called Thai boxing. It is considered to be the national sport of Thailand. It is also a martial art reflecting its culture. It was originated many years ago primarily for the purpose of combat. What makes it different is that it uses the entire body as a weapon in front of the enemy.  Much of the ancient techniques have lost in time. Now there are modern interpretations of this art. Its origin is also much debated.... Read More

Martial arts is something that’s not ventured into much in Kerala. It is also difficult to find an authentic place to learn the form. However, Trivandrum now has one of the top martial arts institutions. Situated in Pothencode, Thiruvananthapuram, International Martial Arts Academy gives you the most authentic training in this imperial art form. Master the different traditional and imperial Kung Fu practices from recognised Trainers. A dragon needs its breathing space. Therefore, we present to you halls fit for... Read More

International Martial Arts Academy, Trivandrum is the number one institution for learning the discipline of martial arts in the whole of Thiruvananthapuram. The founder, Shifu Praveen has developed this institution to reflect the authentic ancient culture of Chinese weaponry and martial arts. They have certified courses on a wide variety and martial arts. These forms of martial arts are being taught by some of the most renown experts in this field. Their programs and disciplines come at a reasonable price... Read More

Wing Chun Kuen which is usually known as Wing Chun is a doctrine from ancient China or southern parts of China. It is also known as ‘beautiful springtime’ and was a popular form of self-defence. Even though it is a popular art form it is very difficult to find trained teachers. However, in Thiruvananthapuram, International Martial Arts Academy or IMA is the best place in learning authentic Wing Chun. Here, the students are taught to learn quick arm movements and powerful legs... Read More

Kung Fu is an endearing yet inspiring martial art. It has made so many people get so inspired by the art and develop devotion for it. It has been ages since the lives of the people have cornered up in their jobs to cope with the expensive world. We all lead a busy life. The world has changed and so have us. But it should not have a negative impact so worse that it takes the life out of us. ... Read More

IMA, which is a martial arts training institute in collaboration with aTeamIndia in Trivandrum, is the best place for learning Kung Fu. What makes them different from other institute is that each student gets their own special training program. When a student enrols, the master analyses the weaknesses and requirements. Then a training program is personally customised for them. Thus, each student is given special attention. Following are some of the ways in which former students have benefited from their... Read More