Top Kung Fu and Shaolin Training in Trivandrum

International Martial Arts Academy, Trivandrum is the number one institution for learning the discipline of martial arts in the whole of Thiruvananthapuram. The founder, Shifu Praveen has developed this institution to reflect the authentic ancient culture of Chinese weaponry and martial arts. They have certified courses on a wide variety and martial arts. These forms […]

The Best Wing Chun and Wushu Training in Trivandrum

Wing Chun Kuen which is usually known as Wing Chun is a doctrine from ancient China or southern parts of China. It is also known as ‘beautiful springtime’ and was a popular form of self-defence. Even though it is a popular art form it is very difficult to find trained teachers. However, in Thiruvananthapuram, International Martial Arts […]

Special Kung Fu Classes in Trivandrum

IMA, which is a martial arts training institute in collaboration with aTeamIndia in Trivandrum, is the best place for learning Kung Fu. What makes them different from other institute is that each student gets their own special training program. When a student enrols, the master analyses the weaknesses and requirements. Then a training program is […]