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“IMA International Management” (in short “IMA”) is a full-service company that helps individuals to live an extraordinary life of freedom. Everyone in the world shall have the choice of where to live and how to live no matter of birth certificate or nationality, or skin color. One of the most elementary choices for freedom is hassle-free travel, securing your family, and securing your wealth.

We recognized these wishes and have chosen a partner which can help us with professional consulting to deliver this type of service to our client with a second strong passport.

A choice of holding a secondary strong passport that allows you to travel +140 visa-free makes maybe your life complete.

We have chosen our partner carefully and offer opportunities to diversify investments,
benefit from the best legal advice from our panel of legal advisors and provide bespoke
analysis in choosing second citizenship.

“IMA” will help and guide you step-by-step through this adventure and will help you in realizing your dreams.

Immigration Programs


Second Citizenship can direct ways to outspread horizons, lucrative ventures, excellent health care, and education opportunities, a more lavish lifestyle, and freedom for you and your family. A significant boost to your travel potential as acquiring second citizenship facilitates Visa-free travel to more than +140 countries. A tailor-made panacea for each client not just in theory, but in a proper sense.

Citizenship by Investment

Acquiring Second Citizenship comes with a variety of merits including access to hundreds of countries without a visa, a better lifestyle for your family, and global market access.

Residency by Investment

Become a Permanent Resident by investing in the economy of your dream country. It opens up a world of possibilities from personal safety to increased global mobility.

Offshore Banking

A pragmatic way for internationally mobile expats to manage their money in multiple currencies, sparing them the bother of opening bank accounts in several countries.

Countries that offer Citizenship by Investment

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda undoubtedly capture the hearts of elites and offers the most cost-effective investment for acquiring a second …


Dominica citizenship by investment program gives you global mobility, including visa free travel to 130+ countries that covers major …


Grenada is one of the most picturesque Islands and the only one in the Caribbean with China as a visa-free destination …


The right to live, work and study in any of the 28 European Union countries and the United Kingdom. Malta offers travel visa-free to 166 countries, including the EU and Canada … 


St. Kitts & Nevis

A second passport from St Kitts and Nevis offers a wide range of benefits like traveling visa-free to more than 147 countries …

St. Lucia

St Lucia citizenship by investment allows you visa-free access to 145+ countries including the EU, the UK, and Ireland. …


Turkey offers one of the easiest and quickest citizenship by investment options. Second citizenship can be obtained by investing $ 250,000 in real estate …


Vanuatu citizenship by investment is a great tool for tax planning as citizens are not taxed on income, wealth & inheritance …

Months Processing Time

Citizenship by Investment

Residency by Investment

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the expected processing time to get s second passport?
A: In some countries, the route to citizenship is quick as 3 months. In European countries, it is close between 6-12 months.

Q: Will I receive my passport for a lifetime?
A: Yes you are eligible to renew your passport. Renewal is going also through our partner. Depending on your choice there are renewals after 5 years or 10 years.

Q: Citizenship by Investments, how high are the investments? 
A: It is per country really different and there are no straight guidelines. Most of the countries also take Donations only, which start from $ 100,000. Investments in real estate or funds are usually approx. $ 250,000.

Q: Can I receive a passport for my family members?
A: Yes, most of the partners/countries are offering family programs that are nicely structured in donation costs. A Visa for one person is always more expensive than a family of 4. Only the processing fee gets multiplied per headcount. Investments in national funds or real estate cover family members. 

Q: Can any passport holder apply for a second passport?
A: Currently some countries have limitations, however, our legal advisors and analysts will help you to find the right citizenship which fits you.

Q: Is there a payment plan option if I can not raise the money for the investment?
A: Yes we can help finance your dream and help you with raising the money for your needs.

We have a team of expert professionals that possesses relevant experience in this domain. Our professionals work in close coordination with the clients and carefully analyze their specific requirements.