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Kung Fu Programs

All our educational programs have Official Shaolin Temple Certification

  • Kung Fu Education

    Learn all about the Shaolin, Kung Fu and Martials Arts right here at International Martial Arts Academy.

  • Teacher Certification


    The masters at IMA provide training to transform you into the masters of Martial Arts.

  • Kung Fu for Families

    Kung Fu is not just for your children; Kung Fu is for all families around the world.


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Outcomes of Valour
What you are getting

Experienced Trainers

Master the different traditional and imperial Kung Fu practices from recognised Trainers.

Large Comfortable Halls

A dragon needs its breathing space. Therefore, we present to you halls fit for a dragon.

Reasonable Prices

Learn from the best of the Shaolin at attractive as well as affordable prices.

Effective Workouts

Whatever you are taught in these halls are assured to change your mind, body and soul.

Individual Approach

Each and every trainee is provided individual attention to bring out your inner skills.

Professional Outfit

We provide you the armour to duel in true Shaolin forms. No compromise on training.