Kung Fu has always been known as an art which is mainly used in combat. However, with its evolution over the years, it has become a form of self-defence. The moves in Kung Fu will help you face an attack. This is one of the sole aims centring around the training program in International Martial Arts Academy (IMA) in collaboration with aTeamIndia at Trivandrum. There are many institutions giving out these training programs. However, at IMA, they not treated just as a form of martial art. It is more of a holistic development of the body and mind. If an overall change in your wellbeing is what you want, IMA at Thiruvananthapuram is the place to go. They can help you master Kung Fu in 5 months. If you are not well versed in Kung Fu in the said time, they guarantee you a refund. This itself shows you their confidence and legacy. 

One of the main advantages of going to IMA is that they provide you with a great way of exercise. Gym routines can be boring and monotonous but you cannot go lax on your fitness either. Kung Fu training at IMA is a great option of staying fit without making it a task. They also help you to inculcate the virtue of discipline and self-confidence in your life. Former students of the academy have experienced discipline and self-confidence in the other areas of their lives after learning different forms of Kung Fu. They also help people to focus on what is present and not ponder over their problems. This is a great way to alleviate stress. There are many people who have used Kung Fu as way to get over addictions. A great example is that of the actor Robert Downey Jr. Kung Fu helped him get his career back and battle his drug addiction. It helps you not just with stress and addiction but many other kinds of problem like depression, anxiety, etc. They help their students to have better reflexes as well. There are two kinds of reflexes that they focus on: contact and visual. The Kung Fu regime taught at IMA can help to improve muscle memory. This is what helps your body to react at the right time. This, in a way, also helps to prepare you for unexpected attacks. At IMA, the focus is more on general health and not in just achieving fitness or mastering the art of Kung Fu. Kung Fu is extremely good for your health and is not just about combat. 

At IMA there are different forms, styles and varieties of programs that you can enrol in. Depending on how long advanced you want your course to be, you can choose the time period for the training. The courses will focus on a softer style of Kung Fu that has both physical and mental benefits like, exercises for improving health, increasing core strength, conditioning the body and also making it flexible. Thus, IMA is the best place to learn Kung Fu and they will refund the money if they cannot deliver all these promises. 

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