At International Martial Arts Academy situated in Trivandrum, it’s not just Chinese martial arts that is being taught. They derive pedagogic inspirations from many countries like Korea for example. One such art that is taught at the Thiruvananthapuram institute is Taekwondo. It is known to be an organised and scientific Korean discipline. At IMA, they teach more than just combat skills. Taekwondo has the power to discipline the body and mind. It has gained so much importance that it is now a sport and has received international repute which ultimately led it to enter the Olympics. The meaning of the word is also significant. The word can be broken down into three “Tae”, “Kwon” and “Do”. This is spelt as one word in Korean. It means foot or leg, fist or fight and discipline respectively. 

Taekwondo is about using the fists and feet the right way. The rest of the body is also represented by the fists and feet. Simultaneously, it is also a way to maintain peace and stability. It is, in a way, prevention of a fight. This is derived from the works Tae Kwon the translation of which amounts to keeping the fists under control. The word Taekwondo in its whole sense means maintaining peace and controlling fights.

In IMA the main emphasis is on unity. The body, mind, life and the pose are unified. This is called “poomasae”. It also includes confrontation and cracking down. The students are first taught to make their mind peaceful by not thinking about anything. It is important to sync your mind with your body and let your mind control your body. It is important to bring this kind of peace and harmony in your life. IMA teaches you to spread this tranquillity into your life. Poomsae is of two folds. At one hand, it can bring you peace and practising it a certain way can lead to concentrating your power to destroy.  Here, at this academy, it is taught as a way of life. Students are taught how to efficiently survive every tough situation that they are faced with. The importance is given to overcoming a fear or threat rather than merely fighting it. It is about completely conquering the enemy so that there are no chances of recuperating. It is important to find constant peace in order to be prepared for recurring attacks. Taekwondo brings this peace by unifying your body and mind. This is what makes it different from other street-fighting skills. It has larger objects than conquering the enemy. At IMA, the students are taught to pursue harmony and to improve their overall life. Thus, Taekwondo is taught as a way of life that has to be practised as a lifestyle.

Thus, IMA helps the student to discover the hidden guidelines as to how to live a harmonious and peaceful life from its rules on combat. It helps you to regulate as to when you need to fight and when you need to be composed. IMA is the best institute for spiritual, bodily and mental training. 

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