Ven.Abbot Shi Yong Xin

Ven.abbot shi yong xin,orginally named Lui Ying cheng ,was born into a family in Yingshang, Anhui Province in 1965. In 1981, he made his way to Songshan Shaolin Temple at age 17. There he converted to the Three Jewels and received the Dharma name Yongxin under the discipleship of Former Abbot Xingzheng. After three years’ studies and cultivations in other Buddhist monasteries, he returned to the monastery in 1984 and assisted the abbot and the elders with daily operations at Shaolin Temple. In September, he received full ordination at Pu Zhao Monastery, Jiangxi Province. The former Abbot Xingzheng passed away in 1987. Taking the ceremonial alms-bowl and robes on his shoulder (a symbol for the Dharma transmission), Master Yongxin took over the Shaolin Temple Management Committee and started to run the monastery. March 1993, he was elected as Henan Provincial Political Consultative Committee and appointed as Director of Buddhist Association of China that October. 1997 he was re-appointed as the director of Shaolin Temple Management Committee and presided over Shaolin Temple. March 1998, he was elected as representative of the Ninth National People’s Congress and Chairman of the Henan Province Buddhist Association that July. August 1999, he was inaugurated as Shaolin Abbot in the Inaugural Ceremony. September 2002, he was elected as Vice Chairman of the Buddhist Association of China March 2003 and 2008, he was respectively elected as representative of the Tenth National People’s Congress and representative of the Eleventh National People’s Congress. February 2010, Ven. Yongxin was elected as Director of Overseas Communication Committee of Buddhist Association of China. Ven. Abbot Yongxin has been tirelessly protecting and reviving the tangible and intangible heritage of Shaolin Temple. He has done a great deal of work for Shaolin from renovating the ancient architectures to compiling and classifying classic books of Shaolin Temple, such as The Secret Book of Shaolin Kung Fu and Medicine, Shaolin Kungfu and Works of Shaolin Kungfu, Chan Dew Collections, Selected Papers on Shaolin Study, Shaolin in My Heart, etc. To bring Shaolin culture to the worldwide Shaolin enthusiasts, he has promoted various Buddhist activities and engaged in domestic and foreign cultural exchanges. Abbot Yongxin has been contributing to the development of Shaolin Temple and spread of Shaolin culture



34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk Shaolin Temple, China (Disciple of Venerable Abbot Shi YongXin) and 17th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan (Disciple of Grand master Han Baiguang) and his official grading in 6th Duanwei from chinese Wushu Association,China and 8th Duanwei from Shaolin Wushu Association & Shaolin Wushu Experts Association Deng Feng ,China and he is also officially certified in Meihua Quan teacher certification from Meihua Quan Association,China. and visiting professor in Xingtai University of Meihua Quan,China China Sports Press & Wushu Magazine – Assisting Coach MeihuaQuan 12th Chinese Wushu Association to grandmaster Han jianzhong achieved Coach certification & Judge Qualification certification from Chinese Whushu Association.


Executive President of International Meihua Quan Federation, USA Vice President of Chinese Meihua Quan Association Executive Director of Mei Boxing Association under the China Culture Administration Association (CCAA) Honorary Member of Hellenic Wushu Federation Honorary Member of Bei Shaolin Quan Italy


Athletic Club Shaolin Wu Go

ng Association Greece, Italian Chin Woo Athletic Association Italy, SiuLam Hung Gar Kung Fu Association Italy, Italian Family’s Hung Gar Kung Fu Association, Bei Shaolin Quan Italy, Shaolin Lotus Ireland, Lost Legacy Systems Traditional Mixed Martial Arts USA, Association SHÉ LÓNG of Kung Fu A.C. Mexico, Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy India, Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy UAE, Shaolin Kung Fu Qatar.


Honorary Award from Hellenic Wushu Federation Greece, Honorary Advisory Council Committee from Italian Chin Woo Athletic Association Italy, Honorary Golden Dragon Award Italy, Award of Excellence for Martial Skills from Bei Shaolin Quan Italy, Master of the Year 2015 from Chin Woo Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2015 Italy, Honorary Certificate of Recognition from Lost Legacy Systems Traditional Mixed Martial Arts USA 2017, Certificate of Appreciation from Lost Legacy Systems. Traditional Mixed Martial Arts USA 2018



34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk Shifu Shi Yanpeng studied in Shaolin Temple from the age of 9 until 17. He received the 6 Duanwei Grading from Shaolin Wushu Association China. Shifu Yanpeng won first place for Shaolin Forms in International Traditional Shaolin Martial Arts Competition.

Movie Industry career and specialty:

Shifu Yanpeng has been working in movie industry for more than 10 years under the famous Movie Directors Sammo Hung and Yuen Woo-Ping. During this time he followed Shifu Wong Shun Leung’s Disciple, Wong Siu Leung. He chose this style of Wing Chun. Shifu Yanpeng is training his students in developing their body and transform it into a weapon as well as practical application for Wing Chun. Filmography: Fearless (Jet Li), Dragon Tiger Gate (Donnie Yen), Fist of Fury (Jet Li), The Forbidden Kingdom (Jackie Chan and Jet Li), Myth, Heaven will be a lion, Tai Chi, Lion King and many more. He appeared on TV series: Feast, King of Qin Li Shimin, World First, Fist of Fury, Tiger Mountain, Pirates Legend, Lotus Lantern so on. Shifu Yanpeng is teaching Kung Fu movie and Wing Chun classes.