Mission Dheera

Mission Dheera



About Mission Dheera,

“Mission Dheera “ was founded by Shifu Praveen in the year 2018 with the vision to educate and train the girls, women and kids  about self-defense techniques , self- discipline and self awareness  and there by empower  women to stand themselves in the event of needs.

Why  mission “Dheera”

Many women are unaware  of the social atrocities happening around. We plan to provide them the minimal training that will help them survive the situations and seek help. In our nation, to track the victim and reach to her with in no time  is still a very difficult job for any law enforcement. Only a person with self confidence and courage  can quickly think and react to the situation. We train the techniques keeping this in mind and which will effectively help the victim to rescue themselves from the attack.


“Our mission”

Our mission is to empower  women and girls , eradicate sexual assault or any type of abusement against them .Teach self awareness about their rights and capabilities .

Increase confidence and quick reaction by well defined training procedures.


“Our vision”

Our vision is for  all women and girls  to have the minimal ability to restrict and respond to the physical assault and keep them mentally and physically strong.