IMA, which is a martial arts training institute in collaboration with aTeamIndia in Trivandrum, is the best place for learning Kung Fu. What makes them different from other institute is that each student gets their own special training program. When a student enrols, the master analyses the weaknesses and requirements. Then a training program is personally customised for them. Thus, each student is given special attention. Following are some of the ways in which former students have benefited from their special Kung Fu classes at Thiruvananthapuram.

  • Total body workout: They provide you with a total body workout. They have designed an extensive aerobic workout which gives exercise to every single muscle in the body. With this, you can improve the core strength of your body, increase your stamina, balance etc. 
  • Healthy lifestyle: Their programs are also fit for those who are fitness conscious. It can burn a lot of calories in a single day. It also regulates your eating habits. You will only eat what your body requires and not for the sake of eating. There will not be any unhealthy food cravings. 
  • Improved cardiovascular health: It has been found out and proven that these classes have activities that can lower blood pressure, improve sleeping patterns etc. This will help you to make your cardiovascular health better. 
  • Weight loss: A one hour session at IMA’s special classes can burn up to 500 calories. Thus, these intense workouts will help you reduce unnecessary weight.  
  • Improved reflexes: Your reflexes will also improve considerably. This has been proved by studies and researches. This will help your body to be prepared at all times. This also becomes necessary in real life situations like driving, or if you are faced with a sudden blow. 
  • Focus and stillness: A real martial artist will be able to see his or her own weaknesses. IMA helps you to do this. It will help you to sit with yourself, understand your weaknesses, make them a challenge and then overcome them. 
  • Teaches great morals and values: Since its origin, martial arts have been known to impart wisdom in the students. It teaches them many qualities which will help them survive better in this world. It will also make one a better person morally. Respect, discipline and concentration are some of the prerequisites to learning martial arts. The students will be taught to adopt these values into their lives and will prevent from taking a rash or impulsive decision in their life. 
  • Muscle tone: IMA also helps you to focus on regulating your muscle mass. If the muscle mass is higher, then it will increase your body’s metabolism. This, in turn, will burn more calories in a day. Lifestyle diseases like obesity can be thus prevented. 
  • Better mood: Following a regular fitness regime can also enhance your mood. Keeping feelings like frustration and stress at bay will definitely improve your general mood. The endorphins released during the exercise will keep your body and mind active and working for hours. It will help you rejuvenate yourself.

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