Wing Chun Kuen which is usually known as Wing Chun is a doctrine from ancient China or southern parts of China. It is also known as ‘beautiful springtime’ and was a popular form of self-defence. Even though it is a popular art form it is very difficult to find trained teachers. However, in Thiruvananthapuram, International Martial Arts Academy or IMA is the best place in learning authentic Wing Chun. Here, the students are taught to learn quick arm movements and powerful legs to face their confronter. The fundamental idea behind teaching Wing Chun is to bring softness to the performance. Bringing relaxation into the combating regime is what IMA promotes. 

IMA’s academy situated in Trivandrum is popularly known for their program in Wushu or more commonly known as Chinese Kung Fu. It holds the longest history when it comes to Chinese martial arts. Even Wushu was initially developed as a way of combating but later on acquired many other significances. It was also an effort at making the Chinese martial arts uniform.  At IMA, a combination of the two arts is taught to help their students achieve three main goals: health and fitness, character training and self-defence. 

  • Health and Fitness

By health, it is not just physical fitness but a complete bodily and mental well-being. It helps you to clear your mind and attain more concentration, be alert at all times and can even improve your sleep cycle. Their fitness regime includes preparing the body to react in no time, prepare the body to endure hard work and to prevent fatigue.

These two martial arts are better than other forms of exercise. They give you long term benefits. As you grow old, the skills you learned from other activities diminish while with these two arts, it improves with every year. This is because it is not just focused on physical faculties but also on internal functions. It is a great source of energy. It helps you to acquire a zest for life. It helps you to calm your mind in even the most tumultuous situations. It also improves your work quality and vitality. It is overall a rejuvenating exercise.

  • Character Training

Apart from physical training, it gives more importance to moral development. It helps you to develop qualities like respect, courage, perseverance, hard work and endurance. Through the time period of the course, it builds your character while building your body. Thus, with these two arts, a significant change in your daily life can be seen. 

  • Self-defence

Self-defence forms the quintessence of martial arts. That was the reason why these art forms where originated in the first place. Even though it is advisable to avoid fighting, being able to defend yourself in times of danger is a useful and valuable quality. It instils in your self-confidence and the courage to face anything in life. It also helps you to be mentally prepared for an unexpected physical confrontation. 

Thus, IMA provides you with the wholesome virtues in life along with their training in martial arts. 

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