International Martial Arts Academy, Trivandrum is the number one institution for learning the discipline of martial arts in the whole of Thiruvananthapuram. The founder, Shifu Praveen has developed this institution to reflect the authentic ancient culture of Chinese weaponry and martial arts. They have certified courses on a wide variety and martial arts. These forms of martial arts are being taught by some of the most renown experts in this field. Their programs and disciplines come at a reasonable price and also with a training discount to encourage the art forms among the people. 

If you are looking to learn self-defence and also concerned about physical fitness, the Kung Fu and Shaolin training in IMA is the way to go. More than just being a combating mechanism, it has many health benefits. With regular practice and training, it will improve the overall physical, mental and emotional well-being of the body. The Kung Fu training program at IMA has been put together keeping all these in mind. Kung Fu is one form of art that can develop both strength and flexibility of the body at the same time. IMA makes the students repeatedly practice manoeuvres like kicks, punches etc. which will help to stretch the body and make it flexible. Their training helps in improving the flexibility of certain muscles and not just the whole body. Some of the other health benefits include balancing blood pressure, increasing the circulation of blood, a strong immune system and improving sleep. Students are also taught how to focus and concentrate their body and mind at the same time. 

Their Kung Fu and Shaolin training classes also teach the students some key skills required for survival. Students are taught how to protect themselves in an unexpected event of attack. More than just teaching them to punch, the academy trains them to be prepared for any kind of attack at all times. Kung Fu is a great way to improve mental health. It helps the students to release all their pent-up anger, tension and frustration. It can also help with reducing depression and anxiety. They channelize all these energies into working on a specific goal which is improving the overall health of your mind and body. Originally, Kung Fu was a form of combating but now it is widely being accepted as a way of workout because of these benefits that it provides. Unlike a normal workout regime, Kung Fu will bring results much quicker and will last into old age. 

External training is the most important element in their Shaolin Kung Fu training program. Drills and forms are primarily used as external exercise. Every small and basic movement is considered important in the learning process. Here, at this academy, the students are made familiar with the fundamentals in order to enable them to learn many advanced forms of martial arts. Every student is given a thorough rundown of the basics of Kung Fu and Shaolin to make sure that they can learn the most out of the programs designed for them.

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