Martial arts is something that’s not ventured into much in Kerala. It is also difficult to find an authentic place to learn the form. However, Trivandrum now has one of the top martial arts institutions. Situated in Pothencode, Thiruvananthapuram, International Martial Arts Academy gives you the most authentic training in this imperial art form. Master the different traditional and imperial Kung Fu practices from recognised Trainers. A dragon needs its breathing space. Therefore, we present to you halls fit for a dragon. Learn from the best of the Shaolin at attractive as well as affordable prices. Whatever you are taught in these halls are assured to change your mind, body and soul. Each and every trainee is provided individual attention to bring out your inner skills. We provide you with the armour to duel in true Shaolin forms. No compromise on training. 

Following are some of the virtues that IMA imparts in their students:


  • They Teach You Noble Values


At IMA, importance is not just given to learning for a discipline. You are taught the cultural history of the art. Thus, it helps you to preserve the culture of the countries that these arts originate from. Moreover, each art teaches you a different virtue. It also helps you to discipline your life. It teaches you uniformity and organisation. 


  • They Teach You Self-Discipline


IMA can teach you the discipline of a monk. Turning up every day for work will inculcate discipline in you subconsciously. There will be times when it will not be that enjoyable. There will be times when your body might give up and not work with you. However, IMA helps you to push your inner limitations. They will make sure that your will power will not waver. They help you to overcome these hurdles and make self-discipline a habit. 


  • Stress Relief 


They also provide you with the best way to tackle stress and daily hassles. These mentally and physically exerting exercises will release endorphin and reduces your anxiety levels. 


  • It Can Boost Your Self Confidence 


These tough training sessions can help you increase your confidence. They help you attain the most essential skill of survival which is being able to protect yourself. It develops a certain kind of perseverance in you as you have to push your limits and boundaries every day. It will make you understand what you are capable of and gives you the power to face every tough situation in life. 


  • Fun Workout 


IMA makes workouts fun. Martial arts are a great way of working out. It will help you build your core strength, endurance, fitness etc. It is also much effective than going to the gym. The benefits of martial arts are also long term. It employs the entire body and channels your inner strength into your body. Unlike normal workout, the aim of martial arts is not just physical fitness but inner discipline and spiritual well-being. 

Thus, IMA is not just a martial arts training institute. It provides you with a holistic training program that caters to your physical, mental and emotional needs. With aTeamIndia, they bring you the best martial arts institute.

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