Muay Thai is also called Thai boxing. It is considered to be the national sport of Thailand. It is also a martial art reflecting its culture. It was originated many years ago primarily for the purpose of combat. What makes it different is that it uses the entire body as a weapon in front of the enemy.  Much of the ancient techniques have lost in time. Now there are modern interpretations of this art. Its origin is also much debated. Its historical evidence was destroyed when temples were looted in ancient Thailand. What’s remaining is some documented copies of Thai culture and heritage. 

Muay Thai literally translates to Thai boxing. At International Martial Arts Academy, situated in Trivandrum, it is taught as a combat sport. Two main techniques are taught, stand up striking and clinching techniques. It is a full body combat technique and is known as the art of eight limbs as it employs the combined use of fists, elbows, knees etc. It also has a lot of history in the fields of combat. It has been experimented in real life situations and competitions and has proved to be effective. Over the course of several years, the art has been enhanced to a much higher level by experienced practitioners in the competition of combating. Unlike many other arts, Muay Thai has practical uses. IMA at Thiruvananthapuram is the best place to learn Muay Thai and be prepared for any physical confrontations you might face. 

IMA makes it easier for the students to learn this by incorporating simple techniques in their training program. Because of this man, women, children and literally anybody can easily learn this art. It is the easiest yet most useful martial arts that can come in handy in real life situations. All the other martial arts are indeed very helpful especially for fitness but most of them fail to prep the student at an actual encounter. Even though it is known as a striking technique, it contains throwing, locks, using the opponent’s momentum and balance. It also gives the students the confidence which is required to face such situations. It helps to condition the mind and body to work together instead of panicking. 

Even if people tend to think that Muay Thai is just a form of martial art for combat, it is much more. Cardiovascular improvements, body core strength and leg strength are the primary benefits of Muay Thai. In addition to improving the physical stats of the body, the popular martial art form also enhances the mind to the next level. It has been proven that Muay Thai is a great sport for stress relief.

At IMA along with self-defence, toughness and fitness are also given importance. It is the perfect course for recreational creators as well as competitors. It has exercises like rope jumping, shadow boxing etc. Thus, it is also a form of intense workout. Thus, at IMA the institute gives you the perfect blend of combating skills as well as a fitness regime.

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