Martial Arts is an art, but more than that, it is a tradition of combat which can be useful for many purposes like self-defence, disciplining the soul and body etc. It is often very difficult to find a certified place with experienced artists. This is where the International Martial Arts Academy (IMA) situated in Trivandrum comes in. They specialise in three kinds of combating techniques, namely: Shaolin Kung Fu, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. As an institution of international acclaim, they have experts coming in from different parts of the world to teach. More than just physical training, they view teaching martial arts as a spiritual duty while staying true to the arts of East Asian origin. Some of the other forms of disciplines being taught in this institution at Thiruvananthapuram are Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Survival Combat Tactics, Meihua Quan etc. They are one of the best places where you can get authentic Kung Fu weapon training. Weapons in martial arts hold a lot of significance. They paved the way to a better understanding of Kung Fu while at the same time making you able to defend yourself. Being trained in a weapon gives you the confidence to defend yourself when you are confronted with another weapon. There are different styles of martial arts and all of them have a number of weapons. But not every school is equipped to teach these weapons. However, IMA offers a variety of weapons that they teach. IMA is the best place to learn authentic ancient Kung Fu weaponry. 

There are primarily 18 categories of weapons in the martial art of Kung Fu. Some of the most commonly used ones being sabre, spear, sword, hammer, cudgel, battle axe etc. IMA has expertise in defence combat with all of them. Such a comprehensive program on weapon attack will help the student defend themselves in an unwarranted situation while keeping themselves at a safe distance. The length and weight of a weapon are very important. It will determine the force with which a student has to handle the weapon and use a certain technique. Such training will help them strengthen their torso and also helps them to balance the whole body. IMA also helps them to coordinate the different senses while focusing. Speed and agility will also be greatly increased. IMA helps to carry on the traditional weaponry practised by Shaolin monks, scholars, officials of imperial court etc.  

What makes IMA special is that it disciplines both the body and the mind and channels positive energy into their student’s life. The focus and discipline that they are conditioned to learn for handling a weapon bring discipline into their personal lives as well. IMA has successfully managed to integrate new routines into their traditional teaching mechanisms. Apart from enlightening the students about the art of weaponry, IMA also provides them a cultural experience by giving them insight into the ancient traditions of martial arts. At IMA, they promote holistic development of both mind and body while at the same time making their students capable at one of the most needed skills for survival which is self-defence. 

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