These days, 3 out of 5 people are diagnosed with conditions like depression, social anxiety etc. Sometimes it requires more than just therapy and medications. Shaolin Kung Fu is a form of therapy and not just a martial art. IMA is one of the best institutes in Trivandrum that teach many forms of Kung Fu one of which is Shaolin Kung Fu. It is the most famous and most used form of Kung Fu. The classes there on weekends are more like therapy and focus on different aspects of mental and physical well-being. Following are some of the mental health benefits that can be achieved through IMA, Thiruvananthapuram.

  • Relieve Stress

It has been medically proven that Shaolin Kung Fu can alleviate stress. They incorporate techniques for prevention of reducing the flight or fight instinct in people. There are many stress related signs and symptoms that are related to this. Kung Fu helps to relieve that. At IMA, the students are taught to garner all of their energy and focus it in one place, regulate their breathing and make the visualisation better. Then the students are helped to replicate this in their work and other everyday situations as well. These will help you to keep calm in difficult situations like when you are stuck in traffic while having an argument etc. The physical exercise part of Kung Fu aloe reduces stress. 

  • Build Self-Confidence

If you are somebody battling with very low self-esteem and confidence, IMA can help you. With mastering Kung Fu, they help their students achieve a sense of validation and affirmation. This will boost their confidence. They will also understand how capable they are when there is a significant improvement in coordination skills, self-defence skills and physique. 

  • Teach Discipline

Discipline is a virtue inherent in all the programs taught at IMA. It is also a quality that everybody needs to lead an organised and healthy life. The idea is to overcome rash and impulsive behaviour. It helps to give you control from within. Through the training, the students will be taught to do this more. They will be able to control the emotions and how to process them and react accordingly. The lessons like calmness, self-control, discipline etc. will help the students with their entire life. 

  • Improve Concentration

Another quality that comes with learning at IMA is concentration. Concentration is perhaps the most required quality that everyone needs. It will help your mind from wandering during the training sessions. This will also reflect in your daily life. It will help you keep all the distractions away. It helps you to bring your body and mind together in harmony.  

Thus, at IMA, it is basically therapy along with emphasis on physical fitness. There is no other institute that gives importance to overall health. Most often, they only emphasise on either fitness or mental well-being. Through this journey, you will be helped to overcome whatever problems that you have and meanwhile, learn some skills that will benefit you in your entire life.

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