IMA – International Martial Arts Academy, which has been started in Trivandrum, leaves a wondrous opportunity that is worth a catch. There are numerous reasons for IMA to be awarded the best training centre of martial arts.

Firstly, IMA can impart the best training because of the guidance of Shifu Praveen who has harnessed a lot of expertise in Kung Fu and other legendary art forms from Shaolin Temple, China. Shifu Praveen is the sole South Indian to flaunt this prestigious title. In addition, it is the honour of South India as a whole to be a hostage to IMA, which can deliver new practitioners.

Secondly, there is a huge reliance on the true essence of the martial art form. Martial arts have a strict regime and it has high levels of persuasion. All disciples are highly inspired to follow the path with dedication and they can surely admire the aftermath.

Thirdly, spreading awareness messages on martial arts to the public. Almost all have a belief that martial arts are all about picking up fights and breaking bones. However, to everybody’s knowledge, IMA states that it is all about embracing inner peace and making things go smoothly. It is all about peace making.

Fourth, it assists a disciple to achieve the physical demeanour and each disciple is significant and will not be deluded. A fair arbitration can be promoted to make all disciples feel equally valued.

Fifth, IMA gives importance to self-defence. In this age, where the world is infested with crimes, it is highly regarded to have the will power to stand up and combat. It is never wrong to throw a few punches when you are made to feel vulnerable. Moreover, there would always be the lessons that you have taken and the strict regime that you have been through that will come to your help.

Sixth, there is Mixed Martial Arts, which can make you completely versatile. The versatility can make you highly demanded and you can have an air of self-pride. The lofty pride that can be harnessed from the training regime will put all the perils at stake and you can come out vibrant and will be hailed a true bravado!

Seventh, Survival Combat Tactics is a definite plus. There will be instances where you will be devastated or end up in an area engulfed in disaster. However, you should be able to survive it. No matter how hard the situation can get worse. You will still have the power to persuade the darkest hours of your life with courage.

An undying attitude to face any peril with a diehard air of confidence to pin down the situation can make you overwhelm and be your own hero. Life is so unpredictable and you can end up in a totally disastrous situation. The challenging life setting can amuse you at the same time frighten you. You would be faced with a challenge whereby you would have to gather your guts and be the showstopper. Yes, IMA teaches you to stop the storms.

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